Now I going to assume that you have a pretty decent, modern website and a fair and competitive offering as without any of these things getting leads is not the only problem you may have.

So with that in mind here are 3 things that you can do straight away with little or no cost in order to generate leads.

  1. A clear heading statement.
    Does your homepage make it crystal clear without any doubt what problem you are solving and what benefits your prospect can expect? A clear heading statement will enable first time visitors to know that they are in the right place. Many make the mistake of not making it clear what it is they do and expect visitors to simply work it out. If the visitor is confused or not sure they will simply leave your site.  Our attention is short therefore do not make it any more complicated than necessary.
  2. Do not assume everyone is ready to buy right now.
    Many times I see the only call to action as a buy now button or a contact us now. This is like asking your date to marry you on the first date. Prospect want to be wooed. Well maybe not but they do want to be educated and have they objections met and questions answered. Make the first call to action a free ebook or whitepaper or just an email subscription. This way you can use email to nurture them and monitor their engagement and then offer the wedding ring at the right time. And if they are ready to buy right away, enable them to do so with as little friction as possible.
  3. Talk about the problem you solve not the products and services you sell.
    This might be hard to hear or believe, but your prospects do not care about you or your products and services. They care about their problems,challenges  and goals. Sure your products and services may solve that problem but you need to talk about their pains first, how you will solve it and then what it is last of all. Most websites lead with their products and themselves and how wonderful they are are. Think about why your prospects come to your website in the first place? They have a problem, challenge or goal they are trying to solve or work towards. Position your website with your prospect in mind first.

These are just a few things that you can do that will immediately make a difference to your user experience. Get your mindset right and produce content that is useful and valuable and you will soon start building an engaging website that will bring in visitors and keep them on your site for longer and returning again. Your website is the central cog in your sales and marketing and should operate as your best sales person working for you 24/7.

There are of course many many more things you can and should do with your website but these 3 are a good foundation and will make the most difference.