student10 years ago I would hope that you sensed change was afoot? Go back another 5-10 years and business was quite straight forward and although learning was still enormously popular for many an avid reader who wanted to better themselves, learning was far less likely to be on the average persons to-do list.

Today however, the worlds moves and changes at a rapid rate. So much so that today it is essential to keep on learning and adapting day in, day out. Now not everybody does this nor may they agree that it is required. I believe that learning today should be a life long curriculum. All this business about cramming it all in before your 24 I understand to a degree as the brain absorbs information particularly in our youngest years. But it can never end.

Life and business is very different today and as things change so must we in order to not just survive but in order to thrive. Take a look at your job today and the business you are part of or even own. What are the disruptive factors that may change or wipe out your industry? Do you know?

Are you looking ahead and understanding if technology can/is or likely to disrupt any or all of your business?

Are you planning on being part of the future of your business and being the disruptor or are you waiting to be disrupted?

The competition is now global and attention is scarce. We have to keep an eye on what is next far more than we used to because it can all change very quickly and far quicker that 10 years ago.

Think about how software was distributed 10 years ago. It would be on disks or CDs maybe downloaded if you had the connectivity. It would take for someone to install it on your PC and then hook it up to a database on a server somewhere in your premises. This would all take days if not weeks and the cost was thousands of pounds. Small business owners could not afford this and therefore those that could had an advantage.

Today you can start using a cloud based application in minutes often try it or even use it for free. There is no installation or servers it all works in your browser.

Now think of how many companies used to make their money from the the old way or the people that had careers providing or installing this software. Now all gone. What did those people do? They retrained and adapted.

Those companies may still exist if they adapted and changed quick enough but probably with far less staff and far more competition.

How does this apply to you? Are you keeping up to date? (almost impossible I know) Are you looking at what is next? are you learning new skills and new ways of doing business? Are you thinking about your customers and how they are changing the way we all buy and consume services are goods.

We are all owning less stuff and getting access instead. We are sharing resources more and cutting our middle men wherever possible. We seek out those that help and advise and support and ignore those that promote and push out sales messages.

Times have changed that is for sure! We have changed and will keep on changing for the foreseeable future and beyond. Is it right? is it fair? These questions may well come up but they almost do not matter as it is happening with our without us.

My advice is become a student for life and learn the skills that are required in today’s society for whatever industry you are in. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable sooner rather than later and start accepting this is the new norm.