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Why I have not blogged in weeks

First and foremost eating my own dog food the truth is it was not important enough to me. There are no excuses for not writing and recording or filming of any kind if its important enough you find time.

So why was it not important enough to me? And why did I not find the time?


Social media does not work? Really?


I have read quite a few blog posts recently about how social media or advertising or any marketing tool or platform is not working.  I find this quite staggering that still in 2016 people are blaming the tools for not getting the results they wanted. In many of the cases the content was very biased and only added weight to their own argument that their own product or service was a better use of money and time.



Are Facebook Notes the Future of written content?

This Post was originally posted on Facebook as a note. Am i concerned […]

What is content distribution?


No time to read this blog post? download it as a handy PDF here

There a few big mistakes that marketers and small business owners make with their content marketing efforts.

The first being that the give up way to soon and the other is that they have the build it and they will come mindset.

Just because you have published a piece of content regardless of its type, video, blog post, podcast, does not meant that people are going to see it.


The Digital Gap

What is a digital gap you may ask? A digital gap is the difference between different companies and how they operate depending on how digital they are.

For many companies having laptops and a CRM system means they are a digital company. Yet if this same company were to try and do business with or compete against a company that was truly digital they may find some challenges.


How to get started with audience building

Audience building is hard today. No longer are people signing up for everything and anything, we are far more discerning.

So where does that leave people who are just getting started and do not have an existing audience?


What to do when a prospect goes quiet

Often in sales we have some amazing conversations and we think wow this is great, they have a problem that our solution/product/service fits and serves and it all seems to going swimmingly until it happens…they go quiet and stop communicating.


My top 10 podcast recommendations

I draw inspiration from all kinds of places but when it comes to keeping up to date, my car and my podcasts are my learning zone.

I personally learn best from audio and find the car journeys are the perfect time to tune into my favourite few shows and find out what’s new and what’s working in the world of digital .


Why understanding technology is key to your sales and marketing success

Technology is the glue that gets starts sale and marketing teams working together and could be the reason your sales are not flowing how you would like.

Let me explain a little further.


Why do your customers choose you?

Do you know why your customers choose you? Do you have any idea? Any at all?

Did you list any of the following?



Why the first email is the most important one

Email marketing has had its ups and downs over the years. Originally email was exciting and it was just like getting a letter (or maybe not). We did however read every single line. Back then we only received a very small number of emails and they were more often that not useful or relevant, ideally both.

Over time as marketers do we ruin everything (stolen line from Gary V). Spam became a thing and any attention we game email became skim reading the title and if opened even more skim reading of the content.
Still number 1
Today email is still a primary inbox among many we just have much better filters both physical and mentally. It does however still surprise me just how important our inbox is to us and how it can drive our lives and productivity.


When your company should not have a blog

I think every company and individual should have a blog I really do but there are a few exceptions to this and they really are quite a simple:


How to get sales and marketing to work together

Getting sales and marketing teams working together is a very old problem and one that still exists today. Why have they never got on? Why do they act like they are two rival football teams? I think this comes down to an attribution issue. Marketing generates the awareness and the knowledge, sales take over and make the sale and take all the glory. That is at least how is was for many years before the internet took over.


Should you send a client a text message?

Should you send a client a text message? Straight up I don’t have the answer at all, but I am curious to hear your thoughts. I have just sent out a Twitter Poll as well to get some feedback there.


What is a content upgrade?

What is a content upgrade? You may have heard this term being mentioned more and more and with good reason.

A content upgrade serves two purposes.

Provide useful and valuable  information in a handy or preferable format.
To collect email addresses for the website owner.


Is it expensive to create a podcast?

The simple answer is no not at all. In fact it has cost me around £3.50 a month and set-up costs were less than £50.00. There are even options today that allow you to start for free!


Is digital marketing getting harder?

Is digital marketing getting harder? Are the tactics from yesterday getting tired? Maybe consumers are getting overloaded?

I believe that all of the above is true.


Why most websites fail

I think the reason most websites fail is really quite simple. Your website is not a stand alone asset. Most small business websites are re-designed every 3 years and go on to make the same mistakes.


Are you a student for life?


10 years ago I would hope that you sensed change was afoot? Go back another 5-10 years and business was quite straight forward and although learning was still enormously popular for many an avid reader who wanted to better themselves, learning was far less likely to be on the average persons to-do list.


The sad truth about sales and marketing today

This may sound like a bit of rant and maybe it is, however this post is the result of recent events in the last 24 hours both online and offline that have left me a little bewildered.

I passionately believe that when sales and marketing are done right it can have lasting results and relationships. I blog and podcast about this and speak in front of hundreds of business owners probably 10 times a year.


Does Blogging still work?

Does blogging still work? For most small business owners they have not even started blogging yet, or if they did they gave up after 3 months because “it doesn’t work”. So why this question and why now?


3 things that your website needs to generate leads.

Now I going to assume that you have a pretty decent, modern website and a fair and competitive offering as without any of these things getting leads is not the only problem you may have.

So with that in mind here are 3 things that you can do straight away with little or no cost in order to generate leads.


Is this digital world good for our brains?

I have been struggling for time recently. Too many things to do and I started wondering if all this digital is actually any good for our brains, well-being and health?

Now I realise that this question maybe a bit of a “moo” point. What I mean by that is even if the answer is it is awful for our brains I believe that we have gone too far down the rabbit hole to ever consider going back.


Should I outsource my social media?

I read recently that huge numbers of small businesses are outsourcing social media and have no idea if it is actually having any affect on leads and sales.

This tells me that although business owners understand that it is important to use social media, they are struggling to find the time to do it, or to learn about it. They are simply ticking a box by outsourcing it.


Account Managers vs Sales People

There are many ways to define both account managers and sales people but for the purpose of this blog I am going to talk about account managers as relationship builders and sales people as hunters.


Relationships vs Leads

I heard this debate this morning whilst listening to the amazing Marketing Companion podcast and wanted to venture further into this debate with you guys.


Is remote working right for my business?

With more and more people expecting and demanding flexible working, lots of small business owners are stuck with where to turn and determine if remote working is right for their business.


Why your website will never be finished


So why will your website never be finished? Well it shouldn’t be ever finished, let me explain?
Web 2.0
Websites are not how they used to be. Static and one way. The term web 2.0 was the turning point from static information to an experience you could interact with and to engage with.


The end of serendipity

I normally write question and answer posts, but today I am feeling the need to post a different kind of post.

No longer do we wait for the newspaper in the morning to find out what happened yesterday. Sure there is always some content we were not aware of and is less time sensitive but it terms of breaking news we do not wait.


Has digital ruined how we communicate?


We have been texting more than calling since 2012 according to ofcom. Pubs have been shutting down at an alarming rate for years and now there are 50% less nightclubs in the UK than 10 years ago. What has happened?