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Are you telling or selling?

In this blog I will explore the right kind of language and mindset required before doing any kind of online marketing.

So the blog title is a little misleading right! In the end we are all sales people and therefore selling. It’s actually not a bad thing at all to be selling when you realise you are solving peoples problems and they are happy to pay for that pain to stop.


Who I am not a good fit for

This blog is intended to help those people who I am not a good fit for rule themselves out from working with me.

That’s right, I am writing a blog about who should not want to work with me. Do you think I am crazy?


Why I love podcasts

This Blog will will explore why I feel podcasts are hot right now and why its a great platform for consuming and delivering value to your prospects.

So first and foremost what is a podcast? It is audio content or an on demand online radio show.


The end of business as usual

In this blog I will explore why I believe that this is a unique time in the history of business and how this is just the beginning. There is a huge change going on right around us and it cannot be ignored.


Why I believe I am different

In this blog i hope to explain why I believe I am different. This is very much as much for my benefit as anyone else.
So unless you really want to know more about me this may not be a blog for you 🙂


Social media is a skill not a job?

This blog will outline the reasons that understanding basic social media skills is a must in business today as its not longer only a function in an organization of any size.

Not that many years ago being a typist was a skill and businesses would have rooms full of typists that just typed all day every day. You were judged on how many words you could type a minute and how few mistakes you would make.


How has digital affected the sales process

This blog will explore the different changes that have happened to the traditional buying process as a result of digital and technology. By the end of this blog I hope you will be in a position to see what changes need to take place in your business.


Should my business have a blog?

This blog will outline the reasons I believe all business owners need to ensure they have a blog and or content marketing strategy. By the end of this I hope you will understand the reasons for owning and maintaining a company blog.

Let’s get started by getting one thing straight, blogging is not an after thought, if I have time. Its a critical business skill. Let me explain why.


3 reasons why video and film are important for business

This blog post will explore why video and film are important to small business owners. By the end i hope you will see video as an investment and not as a cost.

So the truth of the matter is I think we all know that video and film are important assets to have on our website and as part of our digital marketing, so why don’t we all do it?


What makes a great website?

This post is for those small business owners that are forever replacing their websites and providers every 3-5 years. So if your not getting the results you want and need this will be a good place to start. I will discuss the reasons why a website is important and what I believe to be the most important factors to consider.

I hope by the end of this post you will feel you have a much better understanding of the role your website plays in your business.


The Future of Sales and Marketing

I think about this quite a bit and my opinions are changing all the time too. Sales is getting harder no doubt and marketing is changing every single day.

Here is where I sit today. This is going to be a bit of a brain dump.

In the small business space, sales directors and managing directors are generally from a time before social media and digital as we know it today. There are of course exceptions.


I start again

I accidentally deleted my blog. I backed it up, got the email confirming it, but didn’t download the backup.

I lost a years worth of blog posts, however i see this as a positive. This was a good time to reconsider my personal brand, and then concentrate on creating content that helps me move towards my goals.


What is a Facebook Like?

I think i should start of this post by at least acknowledging that i have nothing against people that have asked me to “Like” their pages on Facebook, and in fact i thank you all as it got me thinking and led to me posting this blog.

So those that know me well know that i am not a massive Facebook fan I don’t use it personally only professional and only recently.