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My top 3 digital trends from 2015

As the end of the year approaches we start to see all prediction posts for 2016 and talk of new starts and new goals for the next year. Before I jump on that bandwagon I just wanted to take a look back at an interesting year in digital for both business and myself.

Below I have outlined the top three things that I have noticed having the biggest impact or change over the last 12 months in digital.


How to close more sales?

For a start stop thinking about it as closing and start thinking about starting a relationship. Closing is a very negative word where only one person wins, the sales person!


The Getting Ahead Podcast Episode 29 – Dont get overwhelmed

This episode I discuss how to keep up with digital and technology.

What have I learned from writing 100 blogs?

I nearly did it.
I got to 96 consecutive days and then fell ill. Not from too much blogging I might add.

This is number 100 after a few days off and then over the line for this particular milestone.

So what have I learned and what have I got as a result?


Will an ebook generate leads?


In this blog I will look to answer the question “Will an ebook generate leads?”

A good Ebook will generate you some leads but it has to be really good. With so much content out there and everybody wanting you to read their content, it is important you stand out.


What is an A/B Split test?

In this blog I will look to answer the question “What is an A/B split test?”

This another piece of marketing jargon often used. Also used in business intelligence world too and means the same thing.

An A/B split test is quite simply an experiment to test two different options.


The Getting Ahead Podcast – Episode 19

In this Episode I follow up on my recent blog post about […]

Why responsive design is just the start

In this blog I will explore why having a responsive website is only the start when it comes to creating customer experiences.

So now that the big date of April 21st 2015 is nearly a month in the past I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what is next. In case you were not aware as of April 21st Google are taking into account if your website is mobile friendly in its delivery of search results. You can find out more here.


What is marketing automation?

In this blog I will seek to explain in basic language what marketing automation is and why it’s something small business owners should consider.

So right of the bat, I have to say I really don’t like the word automation. Although it fits, it just makes it all sound Impersonal and not very friendly.


Keeping your atten


Is this blog I hope to explain the challenge we have with our audiences attention span.

Most people have at least a smart phone today, maybe you have a tablet as well? And maybe a laptop or desktop computer too? There is every chance you have a TV at home as well, maybe a radio? In many cases people have all of these and lots of them.


The future of business networking?

This blog is 100% an opinion piece and is based on limited information that is not verified. I intend to explore some thoughts on business networking and where is it heading. I equally would love your thoughts even if you think I am talking rubbish, serious tell me why as I really do want to explore this and I do not have the answers.


Evolve or become obsolete

This blog will explore why small business need to stop fighting the inevitable change that is here now and is going to keep on changing.


What is digital transformation?

This blog will try to explain what is digital transformation and why it is important to small businesses.

Sounds like something from the 1980’s classic children s cartoon transformers right! Its quite simple really its about taking your business on-line.


Why Positioning Matters

So having just finished the book “Positioning” by Al Ries ¬†and Jack Trout my thoughts this week have naturally been on this subject.

The general lesson in the book is understanding what currently exists in the mind of your prospect or customer, and what gap are your either aiming to or actually serving.