Does blogging still work? For most small business owners they have not even started blogging yet, or if they did they gave up after 3 months because “it doesn’t work”. So why this question and why now?

Recently I listened to Mark Schafer and Mitch Joel riffing on the future of the blog. Now these guys are industry leaders and have been blogging and creating content consistently for 8 years and 12 years respectively. So they know what they are talking about.

They debated how social has changed the landscape and where attention is shifting to and they debated the future of blogging.

Facebook were discussed a lot and how they are now rolling out their own publishing option for your content which is the new and improved Facebook notes. Now I have not tried it or even sure I have access. However Mitch Joel explained how he had been experimenting with it and the results were staggering. He got great views, shares and likes possibly even more than on his own blog. Why? Because that is where people are spending their time, on Facebook.

Now this is not the only changes Facebook have been making in the last few week. They have been signing deals with major publications to share content on Facebook with ad sharing agreements. They are slowly rolling out more advanced search options so you can find more content and quicker and they have announced they are bringing out the buy now button.

They are slowly making it even harder to leave Facebook as everything you need is on one platform. They are looking to make it easy for you to do your searching in Facebook and find the information you want, they are looking to get you to find your news and content on Facebook and they are soon going to to enabling you buy and sell goods and services and info products on Facebook. Clever?

Now we all know as bloggers that Facebook is rented land. It does not belong to us and they can change the rules whenever they want. Therefore its dangerous to build a business on Facebook. But if all the attention is there and what is stopping them from not allowing external links like they have done with Instagram? Sure you can add a link on Instagram if it is an advert. It sounds like more pay to play to me. I also saw a link shared by Lucy Hall that Google was no longer indexing wix sites which is an indication that even they are looking to change what forms of content they will promote going forward.

Already if you want your Facebook posts seen then you have to be either super interesting with amazing content that has your audience highly engaged all the time or you pay to have your content seen.

In simple terms Facebook and Medium and other platforms have the attention and audience’s. Do we eventually start publishing on these platforms first and then post on our blog a few days or weeks later? Does the blog become an archive of our content? I still believe in the value of owning our own platforms and using email and whatever forms of social will allow us to share content in the future. But it is getting harder without a doubt.

With more content being produced each and every day and less views on Facebook and Twitter than in previous years getting your email list seems more important than ever.

As for the future of blogging I see a time where we will post some content on platforms like Facebook either for a set period of time or exclusively depending on what rules that make up. And some content just for our own blogs.

If you have an audience today treasure it and nurture it and wherever you publish they will be with you.