commsWe have been texting more than calling since 2012 according to ofcom. Pubs have been shutting down at an alarming rate for years and now there are 50% less nightclubs in the UK than 10 years ago. What has happened?

Have you ever found that some people do not answer phone calls but text you straight after? I am guilty of this!

What happened to talking to each other? I think if you look at the stats there is probably more communication going on today than ever before its just all in the digital channels. You could easily argue the merits of both sides of the argument but the fact is communication has changed.

I have mentioned in my public speaking how people get annoyed when receiving a call today. I also don’t like getting two or three text messages in a row from the same person.

So what has changed? I think part of it is our value on our time. A phone call is can actually be quite disruptive if you are in the zone writing or recording or just concentrating on anything. And yet people do get annoyed if you do not answer. Sure there are times without a doubt where a phone call is the quickest way to sorting out something but this of course depends on who has the problem and wants it solved or the answer given.

We want to respond in our own time and at a time that suits us. I really don’t know if this is a good thing or not? We are talking to each other less in person but more overall when it comes to digital conversation.

The good old pub has been replaced in many cases for younger generations with Facebook. That is where they head to catch up with friends and see what’s going on. Safer? Maybe? Healthier? Debatable for sure.

There is a lot that can be lost in digital communication and I wonder how deep digital relationships can go. However Digital has also brought so many people together from all over the world and created genuine friendships for life.

Good or bad it is here to stay and I think there is an art to managing your relationships on-line and still lessons are being learned every single day. This is just the start and as we get more confident and learn more lessons I hope we can master digital communication better than we can today.

There are new rules for sure and with many people in the work force who do communicate in a digital first way we have to understand this and when and how to communicate with them.

As for good old fashioned face to face you cannot beat it! Even if you create a great relationship online make the time to meet in carbon form when you can.

What do you think? Has digital ruined commutation or has it just changed? Have you made some life long buddies online?