podcast pricing

The simple answer is no not at all. In fact it has cost me around £3.50 a month and set-up costs were less than £50.00. There are even options today that allow you to start for free!

Now if you want to get serious further down the line than it can cost more but to get started no it does not cost much at all.

There are number of different ways you can create a podcast today, either using a mobile app such as Spreaker (not an affiliate link) or you can use your desktop PC or Mac with a ton of free software available.

Using an App

This is probably the easiest way to start podcasting as it just involves downloading the app creating a free account and you hit record and start talking. You then have your listing on the Spreaker website and people can listen on the website on via the mobile phone app. There are also audio books available. Now the free version does have adverts on your audio and there is a storage limit (how many episodes you can have) and a time limit of 30 minutes per episode. But still this is not bad at all if you want to dip your toes in. The paid plans are very fairly priced and remove the ads and allow you more time and more storage. Another advantage of the Spreaker Platform is the listing of your show on their site to attract new fans and listeners. There is also the option to create your own mobile app just for your show. I think this is a great idea and something worth considering. You can also still publish your podcast to the other channels such as Itunes, Soundcloud and YouTube.

Using your laptop

This is the option I use and I use a windows laptop and the tools I am going to list may not be available for mac users. Using your own laptop to produce a laptop is very simple once you know how. But it really is not that complicated. My website is WordPress hosted and will use some plugins on here but again are free.

Software to record the show – Audacity

Software to balance the sound – Levelator – (This is not being supported or updated but the latest version works just fine)

Software to turn file into Mp3 and add metadata – Itunes 

WordPress Plugin – Powerpress

I do have another plugin for WordPress to display my podcasts nicely and that is the Smart Podcast Player from Pat Flynn that is really a nice to have but not required if you are keeping costs down although there is a free version too you can use. The Powerpress plugin will also give you a player for free to use on your site.


The final thing you will need that will cost you some money is hosting for your podcast. Now you can use the hosting from Powerpress or another option and the one I am using is using Libsyn. You can start from as little $5 a month and this will give you enough to host 4 small shows a month or 2 longer ones. The pricing is again very good and the software easy you use.

Headphones and Microphones

Other things you will need are headphones and a microphone. Now you could really spend an awful lot of money on these and as you get better you may wish to invest more money.  To start with though you could spend as little as £20-£50 and find something that does the job really quite adequately for a beginner like myself.

I use the following items: again there are no affiliate links in these:

Headphones: Sampson HP10

Microphone: – Sampson Q1U

Now I must stress these are entry level items and do not cost very much at all but I have found them more than adequate to date. I do plan to upgrade these eventually as I get better, but for now they are fine.

Bringing it all together

How you bring this all together is a whole different post and one I will write next and link up here. I may even do a video and talk you though it? Would that be helpful?

I really enjoy podcasting and it has really opened up some doors, however even if I didn’t have any listeners I would still do it as it helps me process my thoughts and allows me to interview some amazing people.

I would love it if you took the plunge and started your own show after reading this so please let me know if you plan too and if you have any questions at all on how to get going?