I have been struggling for time recently. Too many things to do and I started wondering if all this digital is actually any good for our brains, well-being and health?

Now I realise that this question maybe a bit of a “moo” point. What I mean by that is even if the answer is it is awful for our brains I believe that we have gone too far down the rabbit hole to ever consider going back.

10 years ago we were not contending with anywhere near as much information, messages and notifications that we do today. We are expected to manage many inbox’s including email social media, app notifications and the resulting ones from any responses we make. We are also trying to keep up with friends, family, children, partners, sports teams, tv programmes, books and courses.

Now the good news is we can do these things from anywhere and on pretty much any device. The bad news is there is always something new to keep up with, learn and know about. I have way too many unread books on my ibooks app, and nearly as many again on my kindle app. My Amazon wish list for books is into the hundreds. I also have courses to complete on SEO, Branding, Facebook ads, growth hacking and many many more.

The truth is I am an infowhore and I love learning and I mean love it. However I do struggle to fit it into an already packed schedule in the carbon world (real world) My digital world is just as busy and all fighting for my attention.

I tip that I do find helpful is listening to audio books and podcasts in the car. This is a time where I cannot go anywhere but I can listen. With my eyes fixed firmly on the road I can enjoy some quality learning through audio.

I do appreciate not everyone enjoys podcasts and may have shorter car journeys. If you want a short podcast mine is only 10 mins per episode :-).

So I am feeling a little overwhelmed and wondered how do you guys manage to fit everything in that you want too?

I have ditched TV pretty much with the exception of the occasional live sports game. I could sleep less but I find that I am far less productive when sleep deprived. I am currently working around a 6 – 7 hours schedule of sleep. Does that sound like a lot?

I am working slowly towards getting up earlier each day to get some of this stuff done along the lines of the miracle morning by Hal Elrod. Getting some essential jobs and tasks done before the rest of the house wakes up.

We do have more data to contend with each day for sure and I think we are trying to or at least I am trying to achieve quite a lot and clearly too much. But I would love to know how you manage and feel about this. Are we moving to an era where we are pushing our brains and body harder than ever before and what is the fallout of this?

Or will we adapt and learn to process more information quicker and more efficiently. Food for thought.