I only compare these products for the purpose of those that are unsure which of the two live streaming products are best for their business.

I do in fact consider them very different services and in fact both can be used for very different purposes.

I also understand as a small business owner or marketer they both fall into the categories of new and live streaming.

So what are the fundamental differences?

For me personally I think if them in two different camps. Periscope is for  individual broadcasting, and I think of this as a mobile solution. I also see Periscope as great for sharing experiences such as sporting or music events or even keynotes and other business events.

Where as Blab I see as a group of people discussing a niche topic or event. I also think of blab as better on a desktop rather than a mobile although it can be done. I think Blab is more of a community based broadcast and is also a little more pre determined pre organised broadcast whereas I think Periscope can be a little more spontaneous and in the moment.

So which is one is best for me?

I think really it depends on what kind of live content are you trying to create and what kind of live content works best for your audience? Th

There is no reason you cannot use both platforms if they both serve your audience.


I think if you have the confidence to do 1 to many periscope sessions then you can create intimacy and this is a powerful connection to make with your audience.

If you are less confident doing 1 to many then maybe joining a group of 4 and adding value to a group conversation will suit you better.

Which one will last the longest?

Even with Blab being a new platform and Periscope being owned by twitter I see no reason to believe that either will disappear any time soon. Periscope has an amazing community and in my opinion has a different use case to Blab.

I think there is less reason to worry about building an audience with these platforms as they use existing Twitter accounts. I think its more about being consistent with your content production.  As people get used to using the platforms they will know what to expect.


I don’t think one platform is better than the other and really they serve a different purpose although both using live streaming technology. Think about the audience you are trying to serve and which format you feel most comfortable using. Don’t worry about it being perfect because it is not and not supposed to be. And last but not least get in have a go and have fun.