I read recently that huge numbers of small businesses are outsourcing social media and have no idea if it is actually having any affect on leads and sales.

This tells me that although business owners understand that it is important to use social media, they are struggling to find the time to do it, or to learn about it. They are simply ticking a box by outsourcing it.

To answer the question should you outsource it at all that really depends. Is your social media part of your overall sales and marketing strategy and is this being considered and managed with your social media consultant?

The really good consultants understand this and work with you to ensure you get results and you have a steady stream of useful and valuable content being produced in order to share on the social channels. They also understand that social is as much about listening and joining the conversation as it is about posting your own content (Guilty).

Social Media is Hard!

Lets make one thing clear social media management done right is not cheap! It takes time and a very good understanding of your business, your industry, and your goals. If you find the price you are being quoted is barely a few hundred pounds a month you know there are doing the bare minimum and clearly do not understand how social fits into a business strategy.

I see lots of companies today that claim to be social media consultants and yet their own social streams are great example of how not to use social media. Constant sales and pitching messages and then the retweets of their clients posts to add to their monthly report of useless and vanity based metrics.

The problem is two fold. Poor consultants are mealy people who know which buttons to press and offer a price to match. Then, time and cost conscious business owners who just want to tick that box and get on with the real work.

I get it, it takes time and is constantly changing how are you supposed to keep up? Simple answer is you don’t. Keeping up with digital is a full time job, spend your time on the channels that make sense to you and master them.

Ideal World

Ideally you manage your own social media backed up by good training and advice. Once you understand the real value that come as a result of learning this skill you will never look back. This is not something for the kids any longer. This is where people spend most of their downtime where they stay updated and where the seek entertainment. In a word social media is where ATTENTION lives.

Attend conferences and workshops, read blogs and attend seminars, whatever it takes to get social right in your company.


If you are going to outsource it for whatever reason, take time to hire the right consultant and apply a proper budget to it. Simply hiring the cheapest company is 100% a waste of time. You would be better to spend money on good old advertising and you will likely get a better return on investment.

The right kind of consultant will clearly demonstrate how to do social media through there own channels. They will also have a keen interest in the other areas of digital even if its to understand how they would potentially work with your existing suppliers or staff.

Social media is more than something you need to do today, it really is an essential skill that applies to nearly all companies of all sizes and regardless of your age.

My advice!

Get along to some local events and meet the experts in your area, here what they have to say and then talk to them. There will always be a mix of social media constants and hopefully this blog will help you determine if you want to use a consultant or not. I would also recommend checking out the following companies: and her fabulous event – Social day 

And also and again the amazing  Get Social Kent