I normally write question and answer posts, but today I am feeling the need to post a different kind of post.

No longer do we wait for the newspaper in the morning to find out what happened yesterday. Sure there is always some content we were not aware of and is less time sensitive but it terms of breaking news we do not wait.

News and information we like finds us. We have filtered our news feeds some with the help of the platform in order to only give us the most relevant and important information that we want to receive and that is great right? Or is it?

We all have our beliefs and and associated belief systems and for the most part we rely on these to keep us safe and happy. Our belief systems are our map of the world and what is right or wrong. Or at least how we perceive it to be.

But if we get all of our information and news from our social feeds and RSS feeds which keep us informed and up to date are we not only getting a filtered view of the world.

We only follow people and brands we like today. We only take interest in the stuff that re-enforces our existing belief system. Or am I wrong? Do you follow or engage in things that are opposed to your beliefs in order to be challenged or wrong? Are we willing to be challenged or wrong.

If the information and connections we keep are all supporting our belief system everything may seem wonderful and great but I wonder if we are missing out other points of view other valuable thoughts and opinions that challenge our own and maybe for the greater good?

Even our search results are filtered by what the search engines know about us in order to provide the information we want. Could it be that the results we get are a little biased towards our own interests? I honestly do not know the answer do you?

When searching in private browsing we get different results for sure and without any filters on.

What would our social feeds look like if we removed all the filters? A mess for sure I get that but would they offer us a more serendipitous view of what is actually going on?

I do wonder how much our controlled social information inputs affect us. Maybe taking a look on the other side of the fence and seeing what others see may change the way we think.

Do you think that the lack of serendipity is a cause for concern or is the filtered lens of the world what we want?