This may sound like a bit of rant and maybe it is, however this post is the result of recent events in the last 24 hours both online and offline that have left me a little bewildered.

I passionately believe that when sales and marketing are done right it can have lasting results and relationships. I blog and podcast about this and speak in front of hundreds of business owners probably 10 times a year.

I do believe that when done right digital takes time. I also believe that it the new ways of selling are hard work and require dedication and commitment. Showing up every week with great new content for prospect and customers is not always easy. Putting your hard graft and heart into a piece of content that does not seem to take off can be hurtful and yet the quick piece you created off the cuff seems to resonate and get shares and likes.

Those overnight successes that have been producing content for the last 10 years and nearly given up every six months may look like they are lucky but that is rarely the case. Even those that are getting results in a shorter period of time are putting in some crazy work in order get those results.

I see websites everyday where they blogged for 3 months and then just stopped. Podcasts with 2 or 3 episodes then nothing. Now if it is because you found another platform that worked better great. But if you stopped because you did get the results you wanted straight away it doesn’t work like that.

The truth is most people do not want to do the work. Most people want instant results and will use whatever free platform they can to broadcast their message of buy my stuff as loud and as often as they can.

They think social media is free advertising, they think websites are online brochures and email is is free direct mail.

You know the types of people I mean. However there is another type that is appearing more and more. The “Like” swappers.

These people seem to almost get it, they are blogging and often about great subjects. The problem is they then spam groups on Facebook and LinkedIn with requests for Facebook “Likes” in exchange for a “Like” back??

What use is a bunch of “Likes” on your Facebook page if they have no interest in your content, your products or services and more importantly you?

When you look at your Facebook analytics and they tell you that your engagement and reach are poor it suggests your content is poor. When in actual fact it is because you have a manufactured audience.

We have to stop looking for short cuts and do the work ladies and gents. That might mean a far smaller audience than you want but it is not about chasing vanity metrics.

It may take you 6 months or a year of building a relevant audience that want to hear from you. But that is so much better than a fake one that actually never shares or comments or ever buy anything from you.

Check out this video from Gary V or the importance of showing up and producing content even if its just 1 person because that 1 person might be all you need.