In this blog I will try to explain what a podcast is and why I love them.

Like I do with lots of my blog posts I take a look at the word itself and see if it holds any clues or in fact like in this case offers very little to explain what it is.

I do however like the word podcast but that is probably more to do with my personal obsession with them.

So lets get on with explaining what they are. In a nutshell a podcast is an on demand radio show that is consumed via the internet. That is the best way I can explain it but also can see that it does not sound exciting and they are.

Whatever your niche, whatever your passion I am pretty sure you will find a podcast for it. It will be someone who is equally passionate about the particular subject matter and they will either talk about it themselves or with others and sometimes interview others. But the whole focus is on your favourite subject matter.

Some are in the form of entertainment and are like a soap opera, some are news related but often its help,guides, advice or just amazing interviews with amazing people.

I have a number of shows that I listen too weekly and I look forward to them like others do Eastenders.

The shows are quite different in formats but all of them have been inspirational to me in terms of learning and keeping up to date.

There are times when I cannot stop laughing or shouting at the car speaker system. People must think I am mad.

How to listen to them is really quite simple. You can listen them on the hosts website, on your phone or tablet via itunes, sticher radio or soundcloud or even if your really good some are being listed on spotify.

I personally hold mine on my website and via itunes.

There is no rules as to who can host a podcast. Anyone can do it and I really enjoy doing mine.

Frequency can again vary, I do my Weekly although there is a huge trend towards daily’s at the moment.

I do a mix of just me offering my thoughts and opinions on the world of digital and tech and sometimes I interview some amazing guests.

Podcasts are not expensive to produce at all and just require a little bit of technical setting up but once done is really easy to get going.

I personaly listen in my car as I commute around or when i am out running. I really get into my podcasts and listen to at least 1 a day if not more.

Some of the worlds best thought leaders offer there advice and opinions on a daily basis, its like free consultancy to me.

There are not for everybody but I find listening via audio the best way for me to consume and enjoy content.

So why not have a look around for a podcast from your hero and see what its like and if you cannot find one then you can always check mine out? 😉 Its called the getting ahead podcast.