I think every company and individual should have a blog I really do but there are a few exceptions to this and they really are quite a simple:

Keeping it up to date

I do not think your company should have a blog or a podcast or any social media channel if you are not going to keep it up to date. Too often I visit sites and then decide to check out their blog to get an idea of how they think and how they are positioning themselves. What I find is a small bunch of normally very short posts that are 12-24 months old. I purposely did not say out of date because the content may still be relevant but you can see that they have done a few here and there in spurts and then just given up.

Now there is an argument for the content being there from an SEO standpoint although not from a fresh content one. There is also another argument that if the content is good it should stay. My argument though comes from a different perspective in that it tells me a few different stories about them and they may or may not be true but still it is perception that counts.  The story it tells me or the questions that are raised are that they do not see things through or that this website is not central to their business and therefore could be out of date or even the business is no longer active. All of these could be completely wrong but a dead blog gives me concerns. In this case it would better to remove the blog altogether or remove the dates on them. I am sure it was a well intentioned idea at first and just petered out.

I am not suggesting you need to be blogging every day or week although it is not a bad idea at all. But at least once a month or even something evergreen and long-form every 6- 8, weeks whatever works for your audience.

Self Serving

The other reason you shouldn’t have a business blog is when companies just do not get it. Now it is completely up to each and every business what they post on their blog, I get that, but using a blog as self promoting advertising platform is not going to work in the long run. I understand that people blog about topics that their product or services supply or offer and in some cases dropping in at the end of the post that you can help is quite normal and expected although I am not sure you should do this on every single post. The kind i am thinking about are those that are blatant pitches and PR releases with no utility or value to be added just a simple and straight up advert to buy.

I just do not believe that this is content that people want to read or see or hear or anything (am i wrong?). This type of content is not shareable it is not useful and yet is often plastered over social media disguised as genuine content.

By all means use adverts to achieve the same thing and plaster them wherever people will take your money to do so. But please do not think that this is blogging or social media or any kind of content marketing. Using paid advertising to promote genuine content is fine and in fact can really work.

If you want to shout about your awesome products and services on your website then use a news section or sometime similar. I personally believe in another route. One that involves adding value, answering questions and meeting objections and using your blog as a resource center for your industry. Be the best teacher you can enable your prospects to learn about your products and services in their own time and then enable them to buy when they are ready.

Sure, some people need a nudge and maybe some have questions you have not addressed (more content to be created).

Blogging takes time

If you are looking for a quick win, some easy ways to generate some leads then content marketing is not for you. Blogging and other forms of content creation takes time and commitment. You need to keep showing up (eh Sarah Arrow) and you need to build relationships with your audience. If  you want or need leads quick then i would suggest advertising and not blogging.

If however you want a more sustainable lead generation system and you want to become a great teacher and are prepared to do the work and show up often with useful and valuable content that will help you get your readers closer to their goals then get blogging sooner rather than later.

If you are not going to keep a blog up to date and you have old posts sitting there that are more than a year old, have a think about restarting  content creation or taking the blog down if you believe it could be putting people off.