Do you know why your customers choose you? Do you have any idea? Any at all?

Did you list any of the following?

  1. Features
  2. Benefits
  3. Price

If you did then I am pretty sure that you do not know why your customers choose you. Understanding this question can unlock some really powerful insights and potentially drive considerable sales. Must companies that do go on to ask this question and get to the bottom of it often find some really interesting insights that they really did not know.

Start Asking

This is the only thing you need to start doing to unlock the answer. Use questionnaire software like Survey Monkey or Typeform or even Google Forms. My advice would be to keep it brief and explain why you are asking these questions. I would say something along the lines of we would like to understand more about how we serve you and we can do better. If possible and the situation works, you could ask them direct. This method can bring some really honest and useful feedback but others may not feel comfortable giving really honest feedback in person.

Be prepared

When asking for feedback you may not always get positive answers. Do not see this as a negative and see it as opportunities to shine. Sometimes the best feedback starts as negative and simple little things can be changed and your customers are delighted. As consumers we just want to feel as though we are being heard.

The truth is most people understand that sometimes things go wrong. But if they know you will listen and where possible sort things out they are quite forgiving. You can start this dialogue and this relationship by finding out why they choose you in the first place.

Supplier or Partner

Depending on the nature of your business, if possible we all want to be seen as partners and not simply as a supplier. Suppliers are replaceable and often reviewed. The reviews are often more price driven than service driven. However a trusted partner does so much more. They are seen as an extension of your own company and a trusted one as well. Trusted partners are pro-active in serving their clients and are forthcoming with ideas and services that will help achieve the goals of their clients.  Do you know the goals of your clients? Either specifically or in general based on the problem you solve. For some industries this approach may not be possible as you are proving a commodity and therefore this kind of relationship is much harder to achieve.

Advocates and Zealots

Advocates and zealots are what you want to have! These guys will not only love your company and what you do for them but they will become your very best sales people. They will go out of theur way to tell others about you and fly your flag at every opportunity.

How do you get these types of customers? You do this by really understanding their needs and their goals and why they want to achieve them. Your company, product,service, people will then go all out to ensure that they achieve their goals. These types of companies truly position their clients as the hero in their story and everything about their communication, marketing and processes are designed with the client and their goals in mind. This is all done in a profitable way of course.

I appreciate that this is quite a lot to achieve and does not happen over night. It may not suit your business model either. But I hope that whatever  you industry or business you can take something positive from this post and start to understand who your customers really are and why do they choose you!