This Blog will will explore why I feel podcasts are hot right now and why its a great platform for consuming and delivering value to your prospects.

So first and foremost what is a podcast? It is audio content or an on demand online radio show.

Personally I have listening to podcasts for at least 4 years or more and they are by far my personal favourite way of consuming content. I find it the quickest and easiest way to stay up to date and informed.

In the digital marketing space, podcasts are hot right not every marketer either has or is launching there podcast and numbers are growing at a good rate although its a case of more podcasts being consumed by the same people.

For those that have found a few shows they love they generally stay tuned and end up finding more shows.

I listen to podcasts in the car i plug my iphone into the audio jack and away i go! Monday’s are good for me as my two favourite shows both publish weekly shows on Monday mornings. Personally I use Itunes and the apple podcast app. You can also use a web browser and other platforms such as stitcher radio for android or soundcloud.

If you imagine your favourite soap in audio form that is how it is for me expect mine is more interview or discussion based and around technology and marketing. Shows are generally around 30 mins to an hour long and depending on how often I am in the car I listen to around 4 hours of content a week sometimes more.

Being in the car is perfect for me and in fact I look forward to long car journeys just so i can catch up on shows. I must say I do miss music as i thoroughly enjoy it but I just get so much pleasure and ideas from podcasts its simply a no brainer for me.

So whatever it is you are into i bet there is a podcast out there for you! Who is your hero, who do you follow and look up to? search on itunes under podcasts for whatever your niche is and see what you can find. Another good way is to search for the name of a person and you will often find they have been interviewed. I have found loads of new shows by that as I like the host or the format.

I do go through cycles and I have to pick and choose which ones i listen to and if a new show I have to think do i have time for this or do i need to stop another show to make room for it!

There is so much to learn and for a long time I wanted my own show and last year I finally got the courage to start one. I was a guest on a few US based shows and it really gave me the bug so i created my own show called “The getting ahead podcast” its aimed a small business owners and is about digital marketing and technology surprise surprise.

I do it more for myself but still get a few hundred downloads a month. I interview a few people and would love to interview you! Yes you! If you have some thoughts on blogging or email marketing or technology that you would like to share then drop me a line and we can arrange a skype call to record and publish. You can listen to any of my previous episodes on my podcast page.

So make sure you try a podcast and see what you think for one in your industry and if you cannot find the one you want create it. Its very low cost and easy to do. Again drop me a line or a comment if you would like a guide on how to produce and publish a podcast for less than £5 a month.