Technology is the glue that gets starts sale and marketing teams working together and could be the reason your sales are not flowing how you would like.

Let me explain a little further.

I have blogged before about the challenge of getting sales and marketing teams to work together, but what I have found is without a good grip and understanding of the role technology plays in this equation, sales can suffer.

Understanding where attention is, is vital to winning the heart and minds of your prospects and customers. The answer is across a variety of different platforms and across a variety of different devices. The only device that matters though is the one that is in front of your prospect or customer at that moment (think mobile).

Now we know where attention is you now to design an experience that meets the expectations of today’s time stricken consumers. Often the sales process will start on one device and end on another. This has many challenges in it’s self but a challenge we need to understand and meet.

Consumers today will research and refer to many different resources to get the information they want about your product or service. You need be sure that you are assisting them in finding what they want and fast. These research sessions are often in little bursts 10 mins here and and another 15 mins there.

Understanding your prospects and their needs is nothing new, providing them with a mobile first experience that delivers content that is relevant and contextual to what they are looking for is again nothing new but not many teams are doing it.

These are all challenges that are managed and met using technology.

Getting all of theses customer insights takes time and an understanding of the data it produces.


Having your website mobile first is simple not a question anymore and not a subject I am going to address in this blog. Sure your web developer can design and deliver a website, this is the bare minimum.  Does your website tick the following questions?

    1. Is is mobile ready/first?
    2. Is it a smart website?
    3. Is it designed to generate leads?
    4. Is it a living breathing ongoing project?

Understanding the information your website should be able to tell you about your visitors is something sales people should want to understand and know about. It is not that complicated and when they see the power of what it can produce they will be excited about being part of the content strategy.

Social media

Social is far more than just a marketing tool. Social media impacts many areas of the business and I believe training should be applied to all areas of the business. Your customer are on these channels and often speaking to you or about you so if you realise it or not you are on social media. Today tech savvy customers expect you to not be on these channels but listening and responding. When I say respond I mean within a matter of hours in most cases. More often than not social media is the first place a customer will go to look for support or complain. You need to be there and engaging.

Companies that have business leaders that use social media often find that their employees are more likely to adopt them too. A digital leader is essential today.

Sales and marketing are joined by IT

IT  is a shifting beast that seems to be covering more and more of any company. To most small business owners, this all comes under the banner of “technology”. However the three areas of sales and marketing has now been joined by IT to make a very cost and possible complicated team. An example being that if a customer reaches out via social media for a customer service enquiry who is responsible?  Is it:

  • Marketing?
  • Customer services?
  • Sales?
  • Account managers?
  • PR?

It could be any of these and is dependant on the setup and infrastructure. Getting your internal systems and processes in place will streamline this but this will require the technology team to help set-up and get right. It is very important that your technology team or suppliers are part of that process.

Getting your technology right and your communications right to work with your sales and marketing teams will help provide a seamless and all round experience. If the are all not on the same page and working towards common goals  the customer will notice.


This is all just technology to most small business owners and also to your customers and prospects too. It needs to work and work well if you are going to not just survive but thrive in today’s agile and fast moving world. Map out your customer journeys not just in the sales cycle but after when they become customers too. What does that experience look like and is it working?

Test and tinker with your experience and involve all three teams, sales, marketing and IT and work together to find the best and most cost effective solutions for your company.

What I am very sure about is that slowly technology is evading every department and every company and every industry. The old rules of sale and marketing are becoming less and less effective and relevant.  A new way of doing business is without a doubt here and will continue to evolve.