ring-percentage3So why will your website never be finished? Well it shouldn’t be ever finished, let me explain?

Web 2.0

Websites are not how they used to be. Static and one way. The term web 2.0 was the turning point from static information to an experience you could interact with and to engage with.

That was the promise although many websites today are still producing the same static websites that are no better than an online brochure.

The most important word to understand when thinking about your website is “experience”. What is the experience your visitors are getting. You see it is all about what they want to get from your website not really want you want to sell.

They don’t care!

It is true that in general people do not care about our products and services. They care about their goals and their problems and it might the case that our product or services solves that. So first things first talk about the problem you are solving not the product you are selling.

They have Concerns

Not in all cases but in B2B where the sales cycle is normally a little longer the prospects will have concerns about your industry or your company or your product or service and its ability to meet their needs. There is normally anywhere from 5- 10+ of these objections. Write them down and then address them on your website. Once you have written them down ask yourself this, “how many of these are currently being addressed?”. This number is normally around 1 or 2 at best. By addressing these concerns you will find your lead generation efforts considerably easier.

They have Questions

So here is the biggest reason your website will never be finished. We all have questions when it comes to spending money or a product or service. Just take a minute and think of every question you have ever being asked by a prospect or a customer? Too many right? Even more questions that even they may have not have actually asked but are thinking. This is all content to be created and answered on your website. They could be industry related, product or service related, without a doubt price related questions and even questions about your company and your team.

I am yet to meet a company that has successfully answered them all and announce they are done!

Those that do answer questions and lots of them are providing huge value and more importantly at a time and a place and on the device that suits the prospect or customer.

On Demand World

We don’t watch TV like we used to. We don’t shop like we used to either. We expect to be able to consume this information on demand like everything else we do today. Do you really think people are going to get the yellow pages out, find you, then book an appointment with your sales team to visit them? Or wait for the next trade show to come along and visit your stand? Unlikely at best. Today we have access to the internet in our pockets via our smart phone and we can get the answers to our questions whenever we want.

So answer all of your prospects questions or not? Someone will.

To answer the question of this blog post when is your website finished? Never, it should a living breathing evolving hub of resources and guides that make it easy for your prospects and customers to meet their goals.