facebook notes
This Post was originally posted on Facebook as a note. Am i concerned about duplicate content? No not really. I just want to be able to help as many people as I can so posting it here on my blog and on Facebook natively is all an experiment.

There has been a huge amount of discussion surrounding the future of content marketing and in particular blogs. Are people really taking the time to click the links we share and engage with content on our own platforms? Our own platforms being our blog or website, where we can control the journey and hopefully create further dwell time so we can educate and inform them more about how we can solve their problems or achieve their goals.
The real challenge lies in how we live our lives in a series of moments and snippets of time. Our attention is scarce and with so many things fighting for our attention can you be sure that inviting someone to leave what they were doing in order to engage with our content is a good idea any longer?
The answer lies in the quality of the content of course and if it is relevant and contextual then it is far more likely to be clicked and engaged with. However this is getting harder. In order to get that attention we are sharing links on social media and email marketing in order to get under our audiences noses to let them know about our wonderful content.
This is where the another challenge lies. The social platforms themselves have bills to pay and shareholders to keep happy as well as the users themselves. In the case of Facebook and other social networks this is done by allowing advertising and promoted content to appear in our feeds. They have also in Facebooks case restricted the amount of content a users will see from brands posting content on their Facebook pages. This system works by learning about what we do and do not like and doing its level best to display on relevant posts that it believes we want to see. This has left brands with only a small percentage of their posts actually been seen unless they pay to have inserted into their fans or pretty much anyone they wants feed in the form of a promoted post or advert.
So what has all this got to do with blogging? Well in order to get the adverts seen the users need to be spending more time on their platform and less time clicking links to our blogs and websites (unless its an advert or promoted post). More dwell time means people spending longer on Facebook and therefore more adverts and promoted posts are seen.
Introducing Facebook Notes. Facebook are not silly and know that brands still want to publish content and get it front of their audience so what better way than getting people to publish their content straight onto their platform? This way it is native content that keeps the user still in their ecosystem and can continue to serve them their ads and promoted posts.
Is this good for business owners and content producers? I have no idea? My thought are along these lines. Content published here should have considerable more reach than if I shared this post just on my blog. This meant more people engaging in my content. I also wonder if there is going to be a major overhaul of Facebook Pages this year and they will become more like micro websites with far more flexibility and functionality. There is already Facebook Leads and what is stopping some kind of email marketing system being developed as well?
The bottom line for all of this is attention. Peoples attention is here on Facebook and the other platforms and they want to keep that attention here. For us to be able to get our content seen and read and engaged with I and many other people way smarter than me are already predicting a migration or even a duplication of content been posted here on Facebook Notes.
Will this post get seen or read? I have no idea this is my first post on here to see what happens. Let me know your thoughts if you see this and get to the end?