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February 2018

Enough of Average

Enough of average, there has to be more, there has to be better […]

Marketing in Compliance

2018 brings a really interesting change to marketing. A long overdue change in […]

July 2016

NMEU London – StoryTelling Talk

May 2016

Episode 66 – Permission to Publish

 This weeks episode I talk about permission to publish anything from books to […]

April 2016

Special Book Launch Show – Episode 65

 This special edition I talk about my first book being launched and what […]

The next email killer? – Episode 63

 Following on from last weeks episode I talk about my testing of Push […]

AI-Bots and how Facebook is changing the way we do business – Episode 63

 At the Facebook Developer Conference yesterday there was an announcement around there new […]

Why I have not blogged in weeks

First and foremost eating my own dog food the truth is it was not important enough to me. There are no excuses for not writing and recording or filming of any kind if its important enough you find time.

So why was it not important enough to me? And why did I not find the time?


Change is the new constant – Episode 62 – The getting ahead Podcast

 This is a solo episode where i discuss changing business models in the […]

March 2016

Google your marketing – Amy McManus from AM Marketing – Episode 61

 Ready for a ton of value to be dropped on you from a […]

Janet Murray – Creating exposure for small business owners – Episode 60

 On of my favorite interviews yet with the talented Janet Murray – Journalist […]

Sian Murphy – Episode 59 – The getting ahead podcast

 This weeks guest is Sian Murphy a small business strategist from Kent. We […]

February 2016

Daniel Knowlton – KPS Marketing – Episode 58

 This  week I am delighted to interview Daniel Knowlton from KPS Digital Marketing. […]

Anwen Cooper – Get Fruitful Marketing – Episode 57

 Anwen Cooper from Get Fruitful Marketing is our guest this week. Anwen brings […]

Izabela Russell from New Media Europe – Episode 56

 This week once again I have a fantasic guest in Izabella Russell from […]

Social media does not work? Really?

I have read quite a few blog posts recently about how social media or advertising or any marketing tool or platform is not working.  I find this quite staggering that still in 2016 people are blaming the tools for not getting the results they wanted. In many of the cases the content was very biased and only added weight to their own argument that their own product or service was a better use of money and time.


Special guest Lucy Hall – Episode 55

 This weeks episode we have the amazing Lucy Hall with us. Lucy is […]

Are Facebook Notes the Future of written content?

This Post was originally posted on Facebook as a note. Am i concerned about duplicate content? No not really. I just want to be able to help as many people as I can so posting it here on my blog and on Facebook natively is all an experiment.


What is content distribution?


No time to read this blog post? download it as a handy PDF here

There a few big mistakes that marketers and small business owners make with their content marketing efforts.

The first being that the give up way to soon and the other is that they have the build it and they will come mindset.

Just because you have published a piece of content regardless of its type, video, blog post, podcast, does not meant that people are going to see it.


January 2016

Actually achieving your goals in 2016 – Episode 54

 In this weeks episode we discuss your goal setting, blogging and what you […]

The Digital Gap

What is a digital gap you may ask? A digital gap is the difference between different companies and how they operate depending on how digital they are.

For many companies having laptops and a CRM system means they are a digital company. Yet if this same company were to try and do business with or compete against a company that was truly digital they may find some challenges.


How to get started with audience building

Audience building is hard today. No longer are people signing up for everything and anything, we are far more discerning.

So where does that leave people who are just getting started and do not have an existing audience?


The New Numbers Game – Episode 53

 The new numbers game is not about cold calling and pounding the pavement […]

Clear Clarity and Communication – Episode 52

 Getting your message clear and standing out are just a few of the […]

What to do when a prospect goes quiet

Often in sales we have some amazing conversations and we think wow this is great, they have a problem that our solution/product/service fits and serves and it all seems to going swimmingly until it happens…they go quiet and stop communicating.


Content refreshing – Episode 51 – The Getting Ahead Podcast

 This episode is all about getting the most out of your content and […]

My top 10 podcast recommendations

I draw inspiration from all kinds of places but when it comes to keeping up to date, my car and my podcasts are my learning zone.

I personally learn best from audio and find the car journeys are the perfect time to tune into my favourite few shows and find out what’s new and what’s working in the world of digital .


December 2015

End of year show – Episode 50 – The getting ahead podcast

Digital Predictions for 2016 – Episode 49

Episode 49 is my end of year thoughts and predicitons for 2016. Here […]

Its never going back – Episode 48 – The getting ahead podcast

This weeks episode is all about how digital and social have changed the […]

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