Enough of average, there has to be more, there has to be better standard to aim for. I want you to ask yourself are we doing enough in our businesses and our lives? With so much opportunity and the promise of doing better as a race why are is there so much average?

What do i mean by average?

I mean average products for average people, average services, average decisions in order to make a quick buck today and who cares about tomorrow. I don’t know if we have really moved on enough. Why is that it is the exceptional few that push on and move us on and the majority are still doing the same things they were 10 years ago?

The information is available.

It is not as if the information is not available, its been around for decades on how to live a better life and how communicate better and lead better and yet the majority of small business today are honestly not much better than 15 years ago with business leaders still working with the same mindset and the same attitude as they did 15 if not 20 years ago.

The information is available and low cost therefore accessible to all. So with that in mind why are there not more businesses doing the right thing and actually building something worthwhile, something that will last and provide genuine value in the form of its products and services and also to the value they create as employers and contributors to their local community if not wider.

Integrity and the bigger picture

I wonder how much longer it can last before some of these poorly ran and poorly led business can keep going? I often think how on earth are they still in business? I read recently that a high percentage of business are surviving one month at a time and by the skin of their teeth. I am not sure that is really a business at all.

Don’t get me wrong, i am not condemning people for trying at all, we all have to start somewhere and making mistakes is part of the process. My point is why are so many still making the same mistakes?

I am tired of the same old businesses doing the same things and making the same mistakes. We can do better and we must. This supposed to be the greatest opportunity in history with every industry up for grabs and wide open to disruption and even whole new industries to be created. And yet its like nobody can see it, or nobody cares? Too many leaders are living for today and tomorrow is going to be somebody else’s problem.

We can do better, you can do better. We all have the same amount of hours in the day and in most cases the same capacity to learn. What about the hunger to do things right, even when it takes a little longer or costs a little more but ultimately it’s still the right thing to do?

It is time to stop cutting corners, create something you are proud of, have employees that are proud to be part of your brands story and journey, pay them fairly, treat them well and get out of there way and let them do what they do best.

I am not saying any of this is easy at all, and i am fully aware that 99 people will either not understand or care what i am rambling about.

I want to see the best of human kind, i want to see us working better to build better and serve better. I want to drown out the naysayers and the pessimists who prefer the way it used to be.

Technology was supposed to level the playing field and it really has not. We just a different 7 or 8 brands that dominate. Sure some of them have stated good intentions and time will tell. But imagine if enough said “no, enough” and started to look for brands and services that did do better and for the right reasons and more people started wanting to work for ethical brands and people that actually care.

Am i naive to think this is possible? Probably yes, but it wont stop me trying. I have by no means figured any of this out, but what i do know is that i’m tired of average and bored of mediocre and the race to the bottom. I want to do something that counts, something that is going to make an actual difference even in the smallest of ways.

So this is my declaration against the mundane and the status quo. I want to be surrounded by amazing people who also want to make a difference and genuinely want to create amazing experiences. Join me?