I draw inspiration from all kinds of places but when it comes to keeping up to date, my car and my podcasts are my learning zone.

I personally learn best from audio and find the car journeys are the perfect time to tune into my favourite few shows and find out what’s new and what’s working in the world of digital .

So I thought I would share where I do my learning from with a simple list of the podcasts are listen too on a weekly basis.

Monday mornings mean 2 things to me:

  1. The Beancast – by Bob Knorpp – The is a weekly round-table of amazing guests from around the globe to discuss the latest in the world of advertising – digital and technology.
  2. Six Pixels of Separation – The Miram podcast – by Mitch Joel –  This is a interview based podcast with the amazing Mitch Joel. His interviewing skills are world class and likewise with his guests.

Tuesdays for me are the following:

3. Conversion Cast – by Tim Paige This is the podcast from LeadPages and tim delivers gold in less than 15 mins each week. This is based around conversion rate optimization and well worth a listen.

4. The Eventual Millionaire – Jaime Tardy – Jaime has provided well over 200 interviews with millionaires and extracted all of their tricks, stories and habits and amazing insights and actions you can take to make your first million.

The rest of these podcasts come out on various days but I consume them during Wednesday to Friday.

5. The Hubcast – George B Thomas and Marcus Sheridan – If you are into inbound marketing and Hubspot then this is the show for you! I love using Hubspot everyday so this show is right up my street!

6. The Marketing Companion – Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster – Marketing Legends in their own right but together these guys bring an amazing, informative and entertaining show every other week.

7. YouPreneur FM – Chris Ducker – For any entrepreneur at any stage Chris delivers every single time with passion and humour.

8. The Smart Passive income – Pay Flynn – Do I need to say more really? Must listen to show – Pat is honest, transparent and is the best in the business at helping online business owners get started and onto success.

9). The Brainfluence Podcast – Roger Dooley – Neuromarketing, psychology, and the art of persuasion is all packed into this really interesting and enjoyable podcast.

10. Mad Marking – by Marcus Sheridan – This is a monologue podcast and is very real and personal from Marcus who tells amazing stories and gives great advice on marketing and public speaking.

So there we have it and in no particular order my top ten podcasts that I am listening to right now. I am sure I have missed off some classics and I do listen to more but I had to choose ten for today.

What have I missed off that I should be checking out? Is there any here that you had not head of and now really like?

Let me know.