I have read quite a few blog posts recently about how social media or advertising or any marketing tool or platform is not working.  I find this quite staggering that still in 2016 people are blaming the tools for not getting the results they wanted. In many of the cases the content was very biased and only added weight to their own argument that their own product or service was a better use of money and time.

I have said it before and it is still as true today as ever. Getting peoples attention is hard and getting harder. No one technology or tactic is going to magically start generating you qualified leads on a consistent basis with very little input.

Despite all the advances in technology we actually seem to have less time and attention and therefore any marketing message from anyone is going to have to work harder to get in front of the right person exactly when they want and need it. Sending out more messages and content into the wind and trying to shout even louder is never going to work. However do the work and be patient then in fact a whisper is all it takes.

Social media does work when you have taken the time to build a following of people who actually want to hear from you and engage when you do post. Email marketing works wonders when people choose to opt it to your email list as they know they are going to get value. Even advertising can work when a compelling story is told that captivates its audience and is relevant to their brand and brand message. We can all recall adverts that we loved. We cannot always recall the brand that was  behind it though.

Stand out and be different. Be bold and put the work in and providing the channels and platforms you choose to work in are in fact where your audience expects and wants you to be then you will see results.

Most of the time the problem is small businesses will invest into these forms of marketing and want and expect an immediate response and result. Digital takes time and if  you are looking for quick wins try direct mail or cold calling it may not be best for your brand long term but is more likely to bring in short term results.

There are no shortcuts or silver bullets. We are all competing for attention and it is very easy to just fade into the background noise if do not take the time to get this right regardless of the technology or tactic you use.

Treat your audiences time with the value it deserves. Go the extra mile and create something compelling and worth talking about.  We all have to up our game and stop pointing fingers at the tools and start investing into creating amazing content that stands up and stand out.