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There a few big mistakes that marketers and small business owners make with their content marketing efforts.

The first being that the give up way to soon and the other is that they have the build it and they will come mindset.

Just because you have published a piece of content regardless of its type, video, blog post, podcast, does not meant that people are going to see it.

Good content is not enough any longer you need to make it work for you. What do I mean by make it work for you?

I mean having a content distribution strategy for your content. This is a plan of action that includes your goals for the content, the way you intend to measure the success and exactly how and where you plan to distribute the content.

Types of distribution

  1. Sharing on social media – This is the most obvious thing to do but needs to be part of your overall social media strategy. Depending on the network you share on you may want to post variations of the headline multiple times in order to maximise the chances of your content being seen. Also publish natively on the platform if you can. For example you can publish straight onto LinkedIn rather than post an update with a link.  This must always be in the knowledge that you are offering real value and help in the content you are providing.

2. Email marketing – Providing you are sending something to your email lists or even better email segments, email marketing is a great way to get your content seen and engaged with. Never abuse the permission you have with your email subscribers so if you say you are only going to email once a week then do not suddenly change to daily without first seeking further permission. When done right though email marketing is a great way to distribute your content

3. Focused laser emails – As above but send individual emails to people who you think will get the most value from your content. Make sure the email is personal and you let them know why you think the content will help them. This is a great way to reignite old leads that have gone quiet.

4.  Add to your email signature – There are many tools that can help you do this but there is nothing stopping you updating your email signature with a link to your latest piece of content. It will surprise you just how much traffic this can generate.

5. Guest post – Create a piece of content for someone else. This is a great way of leveraging someone else’s audience. Where possible include links back to your own site where they can learn more about you. But first and foremost add value and serve the audience you have been given access to.

6. Paid distribution – That’s right, paid distribution. Using many of the social channels you can be very selective about the type of people you would like to see your content. This can really work and may only cost a few pounds a time and could be seen by your ideal audience. There are also other options such outbrain and other sites that will distribute your content onto other peoples platforms for a fee. This can have varying success but really is only as good as the the content and the headline. Getting organic reach and views is of course preferable but in the noisy world we live in and as the social networks tighten the grip or organic reach sometimes paying is the quickest and easiest route not the cheapest.

Content Goals

You need to be very clear about what your goal is with each piece of content. Is it to generate leads or raise awareness or simply add value to the buyers journey. In many cases it is all of the this and that is where problems can occur. It can of course achieve all of those things but to measure its effectiveness more accurately you should try and give it a single goal and measure that goal against a relevant metric. Such as leads generated or page views for awareness. Always remember though it only takes 1 view to make your content worthwhile. The right view from the right person.

Creating content is just the start, getting it seen and then later recycled into other pieces of content both smaller and larger is all part of getting the most of your content marketing efforts. You should allow as much time to distribute a piece of content as you do to create it.

When done right and seen by the right people is when content can really take off and make a difference. So keep creating useful and valuable content and then make sure it gets seen too.

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