January 8, 2019

Why everything you do is local marketing

Literally, everything you do is local marketing. I am sure this has happened to you at some point, you are driving around and you see someone in a branded company van or car driving like an idiot? Now if you are anything like me, you make a mental note of that company and remember that they are idiots. Harsh? 


Local Marketing



Yes, of course, it is harsh, but this is what we do. It is hardly the companies fault that they have a drive that does not know how to drive or is it?

The same can be said for so many things that we do daily or your staff do without even thinking about it. 


Wearing branded clothes is a great way to get your brand out there for your local marketing campaign. But when you give staff clothes to wear do you also issue them with guidelines about how to behave when wearing them? Think about it just for a minute.

These people are walking adverts for your business, lets say they are down the pub, in the supermarket or at a networking event it really does not matter where, the truth is all the time they are wearing clothes with your company branding on or driving a car with branding on they are representatives of your company and what they say and do is a direct reflection on your brand, rightly or wrongly. 

I know some of you think I am wrong and that's ok, but trust me there are enough people who do think this way. It can be solved quite simply by issuing simple guidelines that just explain that when displaying the company branding they just need to think about where they are and how they are behaving. 

Online local marketing

This also extends to online as well. When your staff list their place of work on social media platforms they again represent your business. Even on Facebook not just LinkedIn. So when someone starts gobbing off on Facebook and dishing out an opinion they will then find that people start looking at their profile to learn more about who this person is. Again rightly or wrongly with your company listed it reflects badly someone on you even in a very small way. 

You may have even received complaints in the past about staff members that have nothing to do with their work. 

I do understand this seems extreme and not fair but people do judge other people and if they do not like them or what they have said or done for any reason they will by default, not like the company they work for. Crazy? Yes, but true.

Again, you can cover this all of in a social media policy about what staff members can and cannot do if they are going to list your company in their social media platforms. You may want them to not list your company at all? This will not stop them of course but it will go some way to getting people to think about it.



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