First and foremost eating my own dog food the truth is it was not important enough to me. There are no excuses for not writing and recording or filming of any kind if its important enough you find time.

So why was it not important enough to me? And why did I not find the time?

Part of the reason was laziness for sure. Another reason was I got overwhelmed by the amount of work I needed to be doing. I was aware of all the advice I was giving about digital marketing and technology and yet I was not doing them all as well I should have been.

A related reason was I was not getting the rate of growth which I wanted. Sure I was getting lots of views and comments and email subscribers but that rate was not increasing. Not that these metrics mattered but I knew that I could be doing better if I upped my game and actually started implementing this stuff and not talking about it so much.

First Book

I have also been writing a book that is about to be launched any time in the next few weeks. It is with the editor and then depending on how much work I have to do to finish it should be ready to publish. Very excited and terrified all in one.

My nature is very extreme and I am either all in or not at all hence no blogs in a few weeks. So when I realised half way through writing my book that this was actually going to get published I thought I better start learning about self publishing and book marketing.

I have completed many courses and read many fantastic books and realised that this is not something that takes a few hours and your done. Self publishing takes a huge amount of work if you want to get it right. Being extreme I have now been dedicated to getting this right. Which included writing another book albeit much shorter as a lead magnet and other guides both written and video based as well as getting the audio book sorted.

So I nearly have three books to go and an audio book and companion course nearly done. I also have some webinars ready to launch and some courses to come as well.

I am exhausted.


So yes I have let myself done on the blogging front and I even missed a week on my podcast which i am not happy about but I have been producing content, lots of content and it will all be published and available shortly.

But there are no excuses for not blogging, I have a ton of new stories and help I can blog about and so much has changed technology wise that I know I should be blogging about.

The truth is If I do not write about it then someone else will and they will get he traffic, leads and sales not me.

I have written about consistency before and I am now also realising the power in accountability as well.

Getting it all done

I am now devising better plans to ensure I make the time to do all of the things I want and need to do if I am serious about building an audience and I believe that the changes I have made and the work I have been doing is going to pay dividends both financially as well building an engaged audience.

Chasing after the shiny new object is a really easy trap to fall into and one I don’t believe I have fallen foul too. I never lost focus of the bigger picture either. What I did not do well was realise the tasks in hand and the commitment, energy and time I would need to dedicate to them.


Those that have seen my speak or met me in person, know that I am fuelled by passion and enjoy what I do enormously. I now need to ensure I get smarter with my energy levels and commitment to projects and make sure I finish everything I start.


The mistakes I have made are quite clear. I jumped into too many things at once without taking the time to understand what it involved and what would have to give as a result. I thought I could do it all. Time is such a precious and valuable thing and I really do feel the pressure to get it all done. I have many more courses I want to complete and many many many books I still want to read. I also want to redesign this website and do a massive content audit and go over old posts and get them sorted properly for readability and SEO purposes.

But I have to realistic with how much time I have and what really moves the needle an takes me forward.

The main thing is I keep moving forward even if it just a little bit each day.